CD and Other Merchandise, Audio Samples

Biggles Fridge Magnet - Limited Edition!

64 x 46 mm
Printed on an inkjet and guaranteed to fade and blur
- just like your Glastonbury memories!

Biggles T-Shirt - Sorry, Sold Out!

Quality Fruit of the Loom Gear

Biggles CD

Our CD "Biggles Wartime Band" is now available. It's no substitute for seeing the band live but it is worth looking at, even if not playing.
October 2005 - Biggles have now been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the mp3 age, and we're proud to present audio glimpses of our CD! (in mp3 format)

Warning. Conditions apply. Music played on CD equipment can be both enjoyable and irritating. Biggles has undertaken not to join any Union, Consortium or Association and as such do not comply with any code of practise whatsoever. This recording is not to be played in The Channel Islands, Isle of man, Orkney, Shetland and The Western Isles. Your home is at risk if you invite Biggles back after going to the pub. Biggles are not qualified to give independent advice on financial matters, sartorial preferences or matters of a medical nature.

Biggles Cassette

We discontinued the cassette because of complaints that it wore out after being played several hundred times.

Biggles Badges

Fetching "Biggles Wings" badges made of real yak leather. Lovingly
hand-made by the Biggles artisan in a garret in Dukinfield, every badge includes at least one amusing imperfection. A must-have for every fan.
4 inches (100 mm) across the wings.

Biggles Mail Order

  • CD's - £10 plus £1.50 P&P
  • Badges - £3 plus £1.00 P&P
  • Fridge Magnets (limited editions) - £1 plus £1.00 P&P
  • T-shirts - Sold out (but were £10 plus £1.50 P&P)

Postage is for UK. Please email for cost of postage to other countries.

If you buy two CD's we will throw in a free badge.

  • Please send your cheque made out to "Graham Buckley", to:

    Biggles Wartime Band
    17 Woodend Lane, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1DT

    Despatch is normally by return unless Graham is away on holiday somewhere.


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