Hi! We're Biggles and we're all very pleased to meet you! Y'all come back soon now!

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As you would expect, a talented bunch like Biggles can provide many other, more personalised services.

The Squadron


Photo of JokWing Commander Jock - can blow, bang, suck and rattle anything.


 Photo of GrahamSquadron Leader Graham - world banjo champion - now thankfully fully recovered from his anorexia.
Photo of SteveFlight Lieutenant Fiddle Castro - playing on my old fiddle (Yehudi's got me new un). Photo of Farther GreenFlight Lieutenant Father Green - recently returned from his missionary position in Virginia.
Flight Lieutenant Bonz - pictured here the morning after he ate one of Fiddle Castro's recipes Flight Lieutenant Dave

The Territorial Squadron
(why do they look so scary?? - answers on a postcard please)


Photo of JakeFlight Lieutenant Jake - "of all the things a man can dee, the souzy is the best for me - as long as ye remember when, to blow it, and when not, ye ken."


Flight Lieutenant John



Flight Lieutenant Tom


 Flight Lieutenant Rob

Missing in Action

Photo of PhilFlight Lieutenant Phil - a bit of a ladies man even though the Gents are usually quite clearly marked.  



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Father Green

"Do teenage leopards have more spots than adult ones?"