As you would expect, a talented bunch like Biggles can provide many other, more personalised services:

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Fiddle Castro

  • Website design - Espresso Design

  • Many varieties of fiddle and double-bass playing

  • Cajun Band

  • Klezmer Band (Jewish Eastern European music) - Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Weddings

  • Irish Band

  • Cheesy Irish Band - Shannagh

  • Ceilidh Dance Band - Shannagh


  • Freelance orchestral violinist (wigs a speciality)

  • String Quartet (for weddings and similar posh do's)


  • Solo folk-club type gigs

  • Humourous Monologues and Songs

  • Spare parts, fittings and food for horses (Japanese models a speciality)


  • Being retired

Father Green

  • Cajun Dance teacher

  • Weddings, Christenings

  • Catering (funereal functions a speciality)


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