Biggles photos and videos

Biggles have amassed a good few photos over the years and some are reproduced in these pages.

Youtube videos

Great videos from Croissant Neuf Festival 2009 from Jenni Wares

Live on Channel M

Hi-res publicity shots

This page has small versions of some publicity photos with links to hi-res versions which you can download and use on posters, or print them out and paste them on your bedroom wall.

Glastonbury Festival 2004

Glastonbury Festival 2003

At last! Just a few pix of the Biggles luxury villa.

Glastonbury Festival 2002

We played on three stages this year -

Glastonbury Festival 2001

We would have played if it hadn't been cancelled!

Glastonbury Festival 2000

Just a few shots of our luxury camp-site

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