Biggles Wartime Band -
Our Big Outing to Glastonbury Festival

Biggles pic at 5 AM
Manchester 5.00 AM - the journey out to Glastonbury under the watchful eye of our guardian, Isis.
  Chain-saw alarm clock
The Glastonbury management thoughtfully provided us with a 9am alarm call so we would not be late for our gigs.
Biggles solar powered shower
We provided our own solar-powered shower...
  Jok with a funnel
...and other facilities.
Dinner at Chez Biggles
Chez Biggles, with Roger, the band's Chef and "Fast Eddie" our driver. The three piece suite, carpets, potted plants and Ewbank carpet sweeper are not shown.
Cocktails around the Biggles piano
NB - it's a REAL piano!


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