Biggles at Glastonbury Festival 2002 -
The Green Fields Bandstand

One of our favourite gigs at Glastonbury is the Bandstand out in the wilds of the Green Fields.

The festival doesen't start until Friday but there were so many people around that we couldn't miss the opportunity to spread a lot of smiles... We think that this gig made Biggles the first band on at the festival!

Many thanks to Paul McNicholas for these photos. He's your man in Manchester if you need any foties taking!

The Parade

The End of the Parade

Wide Shot

Not many people to start with but few passer-by's could resist the allure of Biggles!

Cajun Mumbles

Mr. Mean

Phil has recently been taking expression lessons from Trevor James...


Phil and Jok

You can see the faces of all of us on this one!

The crowd grew bigger...

...and bigger.

about 500 of them by the end...

Graham temporarily loses sight of the band!

...they're BEHIND YOU!


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