Biggles at Glastonbury Festival 2002 -
The Croissant-Neuf Big Top

Our favourite gig at Glastonbury is the Croissant-Neuf Big Top in the Green Fields.

This is a particularly worthy part of the festival because the stage is powered only by solar and wind energy.

We like to play here very much, because the audience is always great and also because we get to camp in the best camp site of the festival (note to organisers - please can we play here again in 2003? we promise not to do the stunt with the inflatable panda again!).

Many thanks to Paul McNicholas for these photos. He's your man in Manchester if you need any foties taking!

Inside the Big Top



Feedle Castro

Father Green

Not another of life's imponderables?

Ladder Joke

These are not our real ladders, they are our step ladders...


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