Biggles at Glastonbury Festival 2003

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who saw us at Glastonbury this year - we hope that you all enjoyed the show half as much as we did!

We'd love to see any of your Biggles photos that we might put on our site - please email Steve.

No pictures of Biggles performing so far...

Old Glastonbury Photo Galleries are here.

Biggles' Luxury Camping Villa

The Biggles Villa

The Biggles Villa, featuring
a lounge,
a kitchen,
a 7-ton truck and a Roger.

The Biggles Cocktail Lounge

Young Graham taking a well-earned rest in the Biggles cocktail lounge

Note the piano, carpets, standard lamp, settees etc.

The View from Biggles Villa

The Villa View, with Phil not looking at it.

Biggles  kitchen

The Kitchen Staff.

Kenneth & Taffy

Martin & GrahamDominic

Our Guests - The Ragin Cajuns -

Martin, Graham, Dominic.

Taffy & Roger with Axe

Choosing an Axe.

Taffy & Roger Cajun

Bob Cajun

Bob Cajun.


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