Here's some questions and answers for all you promoter-type people....

Do I want to book Biggles?

Of course you do! You will have a marvellous night with a lot of very happy audience members. Why not have a look at our Reviews and Guestbook pages to see what other people thought about Biggles? You may have heard our CD but remember that the live performance is much much more than a silvery piece of plastic!

Where is the band based?

The band is based primarily in Manchester, England, but has played as far afield as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the East Coast and the South of England.

How much do you charge?

Our rates depend on the individual circumstances of the event, which include various factors such as the length of the set and travel time/distance. We will be very pleased to provide you with a quote for your specific requirements.

Contact - Bookings

Graham is in charge of taking bookings for Biggles. You can phone him on
0161-368 8769 or mobile 07802 293 854 or send email to

Biggles Unplugged

It is not really possible for us to play without amplification, because it is impossible for our humourous vocals to be heard above the racket generated by the rest of the band.

Biggles on Batteries

We have a battery-powered PA system for semi-acoustic performances in those difficult-to-reach venues.

Strolling Biggles

We can't easily do "strolling" performances because we have a lot of gear and props to carry about.

The Nitty Gritty

Publicity Info...

There are lots of photos and publicity information in these pages - Meet the Band, Meet the Band 2, Fact Sheet, Publicity photos, Photo Galleries.

What about a PA System?

Biggles can supply a PA system but if you want to provide your own PA, our needs on listed our Stage Needs page.

Dressing Room

The band will need a dressing room equipped with some hard-boiled eggs (one each).


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