Biggles Recipes

Despite our busy schedules, even Biggles have to find time to eat sometimes.

Here are some of our favourite snacks.

If you try them and enjoy, please write something nice in our guestbook!

Fidel Castro

This snack is ridiculously easy to prepare and makes a welcome change from the Heinz variety of beans. Only 5 ingredients.

Scrummy and what's more it's very hard for the pan to burn dry. Only 5 ingredients.

Each to his own with rice recipes but this one does it for me. No awkward timings or risk of the pan boiling dry, it's the lots-of-boiling-water-method.

This is a scrummy indian-style dish with hardly any ingredients. Proof that meat-free food can be rather good.

Always a favourite, and pretty healthy as it goes. You will need a large Wok (or two).

This has become one of Father Green's church-catering favourites.

Big Graham

This traditional dish, much ignored by the younger generation, is very nutritious, easy to make and easy to eat.

(Odd - I thought salmon were quite intelligent. Perhaps you could ask your fishmonger to select a stupid one for you - Webmaster).

My original attempts at a gumbo were based on a recipe from Paul Prudhomme, who wrote a book about Cajun cooking at the height of Cajun music popularity in the eighties. He has since turned his spice/herb mixtures into quite a successful business. Much research, trial and error and a visit to Louisiana enabled me to discover some of his and other Cajun chef’s secrets. This recipe should produce about 30 portions.

When I was young, my mother had slight difficulty in making me eat Brussels Sprouts. She realised that sprouts were actually quite sweet if cooked without salt and not over done. So she devised the following recipe, which has been enjoyed by the Buckley and associate families for many years.

Jolly Jok

Ths dish is vegetarian (apart from the dog spittle).

Ths dish is spectacularly easy, with only 2 ingredients (3 if you include the glass of water).


The Inuit, a tribe of Eskimos, handed down this ancient recipe from generation to generation. Whale Soup was offered to favoured guests, and also made for special occasions and celebrations. Delicate herbs, marine mammal flavours, and sheer bulk combine to make this a real winter warmer. It's a meal in itself!

Rest of the Band

More recipes follow when the rest of the band remember to eat something.


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