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Jolly Jok - Crunchy Carrot Munch

Ths dish is spectacularly easy, with only 2 ingredients (3 if you include the glass of water).

  • 1 Carrot (preferably organic)
  • a supply of drinking water
  • Salt (preferably lo-salt or sea salt)
  • Peel the oganic carrot.
  • Rinse with drinking water (even if it`s organic ie farmers can use cow shit as fertiliser and it`s still classed as organic, because it`s not chemically produced. )
  • Add a little salt to flavour.
  • Then munch your carrot.
  • After you`ve eaten the carrot you will need a glass of drinking water, to wash it down.
Another imponderable:

Why, when you eat a carrot, do you always get hiccups?

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